How Can You Put Together a Winning Offer?

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The spring real estate season is finally here, so today we thought we would share some tips on how you can put together a winning offer! 

If you fail to prepare before looking for homes, you will fail to win. An agent will help you determine the right price to put on an offer based on the demand for the home, how long it has been on the market, and what the true value of the home is. 

Another important factor when putting together a winning offer is the closing date. The sooner you can close, the better! If you need financing, you need to get a pre-approval letter if you want to close in a timely manner. We have some preferred lenders who can save you money on fees if you're interested! 

Make your offer as clean as possible. In order to do this, you need to remove as many contingencies as you can. If you have to sell a home before you buy one, it's not as good an offer as one that doesn't have that stipulation. You can also find ways to reduce your home inspection timeline to make your offer cleaner. 

Lastly, another way to make your offer more attractive is to increase the earnest money deposit! 

We know many ways to make your offer stand out. We're skilled at putting winning offers together and would love to help you. Give us a call or shoot us a quick email for the assistance you deserve! We would love to help you get your dream home! 

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