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Monthly Archives: December 2018

    Is now the right time to sell? Uncovering common myths and mistakes homeowners make when selling their home!

    By Dustin Thomas | December 28, 2018

    Selling your house can be a daunting task, it can make you question yourself about wanting to wait till the right season to sell your home… whenever the right season is anyway…   There has been a common myth that listing your home to sell in the Spring/Summer months is the most ideal time to... Read More

    How the Home Inspection Process works: Avoid making unnecessary mistakes

    By Dustin Thomas | December 19, 2018

      “There is no such thing as a failed home inspection” Nick breaks down the home inspection process so, you don’t make an unnecessary mistake that can cost you thousands when buying or selling your home! We recommend our clients ALWAYS get a professional home inspection when purchasing…. Heck, we also recommend home owner’s get... Read More

    How To Buy Your First Home: Read this to learn the first time home buying process and to uncover how to avoid mistakes on buying your first home

    By Dustin Thomas | December 18, 2018

    Many pose the same question. How do I buy a home???   We look on Zillow or browse different real estate websites looking at homes just dreaming about being a homeowner, not ever really knowing if we could afford it or even where to start. This is when we do a google search of “How... Read More

    Wenatchee Valley Real Estate Market Update December 2018

    By Dustin Thomas | December 18, 2018

    Wenatchee Valley Real Estate Market Update – December 2018! Seasonally you would expect listings to drop but, 16%!! That is a sharp decline in listing inventory and a drop that will continue….until March! That opens the door for savvy opportunistic home owners that would like to capitalize and increase their profit.. Sales are decreasing and... Read More

    First 23 Days of Your Listing

    By Dustin Thomas | December 11, 2018

      We found in today’s market a home will see 2X, 3X the activity in the first 23 days! Greg Wright explains why this is so important for all of us to understand… You see as the market went up sellers gained confidence that prices will continue to go up so they…. Started pricing their homes... Read More

    Wenatchee Valley Real Estate Market Update Nov 2018

    By Dustin Thomas | December 4, 2018

      The real estate market has gone through a bit of change over the last couple months… Wenatchee Real Estate Market Update for November 2018: Sales Drop 11% compared to 2017! This is the fourth straight month we have seen sales drop… Inventory continues to rise… With a decrease in home sales, homes are staying... Read More

    Avoid the hassle of listing your home with NMREG Instant Offer

    By Dustin Thomas | December 4, 2018

    Get an offer on your home INSTANTLY! How can you sell your home in an INSTANT without going through all the hassle of putting your home on the market? Remove the questions and uncertainty when selling your home with Nick McLean Real Estate Group’s Instant Offer! Avoid all the hassle of prepping your home for... Read More