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3 Ways To Find “SAFETY WITHIN”

We often think of safety as the locks on our doors, passwords on our phones, or the security system in our homes.
The physical things that keep us “safe.”
Our warm homes, 4-wheel drive cars in the snow, or money in the bank.
What if safety was also the internal sense that we are wise enough, cunning enough, worthy enough, fierce enough, creative enough to deal with whatever comes along?
This is knowing that we can accomplish the task ahead of us with certainty.
We feel safe doing the thing we know.
We feel safe with other people who are experts in their field.
So safety is relative. But maybe….just maybe consider that safety and security come from within us.
A concept that is healthy to be aware of.
How can you find ‘safety’ within? Here are 3 ways…

1 – Try something new with a coach or trainer. The coach will make sure we continue a forward path through our failures. The forward progress will gain confidence and our sense of safety.

2 – Problem Solve – Play a game or puzzle. Keep playing until you finish. If you need to take a break and go back to finish.

3 – Ask for help – Nobody and I mean nobody has done it alone. There is safety in numbers. When you struggle, ask for help.

Bonus – Rig the game so you can’t crash. Tony Hawk, the world’s greatest skater, conquered the 900 by first practicing in a pit of foam. Trapeze acts practice and most often perform with a net. No shame in surviving.
Safety is the starting point for taking a risk. But that is another conversation…
Co-writer Lara Kenoyer, our brilliant team member with a heightened intelligence of feel.

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