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600 Word Seller E-Mail

Here’s my latest 600 Word Seller E-mail

For the past four years, I have written four to five times per week to my database of 35,000 buyer and seller leads. This dedication has produced millions of dollars in gross commission revenue.

Here is my latest 600-word seller e-mail. If you like it and it works for you, let me know.

Subject: If all I owned was a house

I love thought experiments, how about you? They’re great because we can be kids again and use our most powerful gift, our imagination.

I tell my four-year-old daughter is her mind is her ‘Super Computer,’ Our imagination is what separates us, humans, from the rest of the known universe.

The best part of our brain is its ability to imagine things.

Let’s imagine a better future for ourselves and our families.

Here is my thought experiment; follow along.

You wake up, look at your checking and savings accounts, and find they are at ZERO. No money. But you own a house.

What do you do?

I imagined my banking, savings, and retirement accounts were empty, with bills to pay and a family to support.

The first thing I would do is thank god that I own a house. I would be truly grateful for owning this house because not only is it a safe place with a roof over my head and protects my family, but it is the biggest, most secure savings account I own.

The hackers can’t take my home’s equity.

The second thing I would do is find out how much equity I have in my house. Because I need money to pay my bills.

I would call, “YOUR TEAM,” and I would say.

“Hi, my name is YOUR NAME, and I want to find out how much my home is worth?”

A Super nice expert from YOUR TEAM on the other end of the phone would say,

“Absolutely, I will not only tell you the value of your home; I will do it for free because I believe in long-term relationships and helping the community.”

They will ask me some simple questions. What is the address? How long have you owned it? What have you done to your home? etc.

The expert agent will set up a time to tour your house. The tour takes 15 minutes, and within 24 to 48 hours, they will meet back up with you and show you the recent sales and market conditions that determine your home’s value.

They will give you a valuation report and calculate your equity.

The third thing, now I know how much equity I have saved up. Luckily, the market has increased considerably in the last two years because I’m surprised that the number is so high. I can now use this equity by selling, refinancing, or doing a line of credit. My family is saved.

I recommend looking for another home you like and selling and purchasing a new one. Keep ten or twenty thousand dollars of the equity after your sale in your bank account so that you are never in this position again.

Most of us have money, a job, and are safe, so it isn’t that extreme. However, most of us don’t know how much equity we have saved in our homes. And homeowners don’t know their options to make their lives better by selling and buying.

Does it make sense to be real estate rich and cash poor? I sleep better at night knowing I have a nice cash cushion in my bank account.

I recommend you find out your home’s value today. Call NOW, YOUR PHONE NUMBER, and our team will do it for FREE.



PS. CLICK HERE to search all the new listings on the market. Imagine selling, buying a new place, and holding on to thousands of dollars in your bank account.

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