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A Leader’s No. 1 Job

Things in life look odd but work well, and when you learn to understand these oddities, you will have more time than ever, and more shit will get done.

Eliud Kipchoge is the best marathon runner to ever step foot on Earth. He holds the world record time running 26.2 miles in 2 hours and 1 minute. Nike set the perfect conditions for Eliud shoes, track, pace runners, and weather.

Eliud broke two hours a time no scientist would say would be humanly possible twenty years ago. When you watch Eliud run, it looks effortless, smooth, and controlled. To put it into context, his pace running 26 miles is faster than our sprint for ten meters.

The secret to having more free time in life to do what you want, when you want, and with whom you want you to have to learn to get stuff done like Eliud.

Look at a parked Formula One Car just sitting there; you can tell it will go fast. Even the untrained mind can see the aerodynamic line reducing drag a minimize power loss, propelling the car forward.

What do Michael Phelps, Tom Brady’s Spiral, and a Boeing 737 have in common? They work to create flow and lift and minimize turbulence and drag.

We see the same thing in nature with fish and birds. These creatures understand “Energy Expenditure Minimization.” They understand that they should only use energy for a good reason.

You will speed up when you focus on minimizing drag and don’t change anything else.

In an organization, teams with bonds, connections, and relationships minimize drag and maximize lift. Great teams are in sync with each other, require fewer words, pick up on others’ actions and oversee each other picking up mistakes.

Teams with built-up trust can point out issues and impediments of movement without judgment, further increasing flow and removing drag.

Great leaders motivate their team to increase their energy engines while at the same time equipping them with training, skills, and tools to minimize wasted movements and minimize eros that requires repeating a process (drag).

At our team, we have a mantra. “Anything started and not finished is considered waste.”

A leader’s job is to minimize drag and increase flow. Since the leader is one of the only people in an organization to see everything (50,000’ view), they are in charge of the direction. This is because movement in the wrong direction is considered a drag.

Compounding drag is when a leader asks their team to work harder, motivates, and doesn’t consider that they are not going in the right direction.

During tough times, the goal of an organization is to avoid ruin. To avoid ruin, the team has to work together and remove all wasted efforts that don’t move the ship forward.

Minimize drag and increase the flow.

Nick McLean
Cheplak Live Coach
Nick McLean Real Estate Group

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