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Are There Black Friday Deals In Real Estate?

“Watch what everyone else is doing and do the opposite.”  Said, Successful Individual

This principle I live by not so, I’m different because this is how you get ahead in life.  You don’t get ahead in life doing what everyone else is doing.  That only leads to average results.  

If you want amazing results you have to see the space between the spaces.  You have to come at problems from different angles.  

Let’s look at real estate.  

The majority of buyers will wait to buy during the Spring and Summer months.  School is out and the weather is nice.   The theory is there will be more selection, higher inventory.

This leads to the majority of sellers wait until the Spring and Summer months to list their homes.  The theory being they heard that is when the buyers show up.  The weather is nice and buyers are out looking longer.

Here is the truth.

The best deals are made during Winter.  

Because the majority of buyers wait until the Spring.  Winter buyers have less competition and can negotiate better prices and terms.  

Because the majority of sellers wait until the Spring to list.  There is less competition and buyers have less to choose from.  The seller can negotiate better prices and terms.

But, Nick!!!  How can a buyer and seller get the best price and terms?

When things slow down the parties have time to find common ground.  They can negotiate not a Win-Win deal.

During the Summer when things are urgent.  Parties tend not to work together to find a win-win.  They seek a win-lose.  Either the buyer wins or the seller wins.  Somebody is getting the short stick.

During the winter, we have time and the parties have the patience to find a win-win.

I’m not saying close in the Winter.  I’m saying keep looking and if you own put your home on the market.  

Best place to look at all the inventory and check your home’s value. 


Nick McLean

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