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Are We In Contingent Offer Sweet Spot?

This is an ideal time to do a contingent offer. Over the last few years, homeowners would not even consider taking an offer contingent on the sale of the buyer’s home. But now, with homeowners’ houses sitting on the market a little longer, they are more open to offers contingent on the sale of the buyer’s house.

With the inventory level increasing over the last few months it means that you can go out there and see what’s on the marketplace, see all of the selection and take your time, no rush. Recently, we had a buyer look at one home four different times before they made their final decision on that home.

They didn’t have that option before because homes were selling quickly and you had to make an offer right away. The fast offer couldn’t be contingent and you have to waive all contingencies. The good news for home buyers is that times have changed. Everyone can slow down, if you own a home you get to take your time to find the right home and you get to make a contingent deal where it gives you time to put your home on the market so you don’t have the stress of two mortgages. Lining it up perfectly.

How does a contingent offer work? When making a contingent offer you have roughly 45 days to sell your home and then you close both sales simultaneously. It’s a win-win. Rates have also decreased in the last few weeks. They went from 6 percent down to around 4.75 for some buyers.

Sell your current home for a great price by hiring a company like the Nick McLean Real Estate Group. Then Nick will connect you with a buyer specialist on a team that’s going to negotiate a really good price and really good terms.

It’s a great time to find a new area or change the size of your home to better fit your lifestyle. Opportunities to choose the perfect home for you right now are vast and as a bonus, you’re not pressured to make it happen fast.

If you’re interested in how contingent offers work or if you want some tips and tricks on preparing your home to sell, reach out to the Nick McLean Real Estate Group by calling 509-255-8070 or go to

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