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Are You Operating With Urgency Or Is It An Emergency

Is it urgent or an emergency? That is your choice and determines your future results.

If you want something done, give it to the busiest person.

You can relate to the push it takes to meet a deadline.

How you get to that finish line may look different each time, but the formula will be the same.

Some of us have a fire in our belly. We push and know the exact steps to get it done. Even if we don’t, we can be flexible and creative.

This is called URGENCY.

To create urgency, you must have a deadline.

Top performers create their deadlines by having other more important things to do.

I have a mission that requires immediate decisions and actions.

A project requires swift action.

An excitement to support and contribute to your family and community. Like to watch your kids play on the local sports team.

Please don’t abandon the project until tomorrow; make it happen before your next deadline.

Personal events are deadlines. Get your project tasks done! Create urgency!

The busiest person has urgency, which is why they get more done.

An insistence that you make time for a walk requires urgency. This must get done before the next deadline, which is dinner.

Some people cross the finish line, tired, demanding rewards, and have no energy left to do anything else.

This is an emergency.

The lack of urgency over time will turn the standard procedure into an emergency procedure.

It’s generally shocking when it happens.
We make unreasonable demands.
We react poorly.
Very little clarity about the next step.

It can all be traced back to your level of urgency.

Do you approach your tasks with urgency or emergency?

Co-creator Lara Kenoyer

Nick McLean
Nick McLean Real Estate

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