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Are You Satisfied, Yet?…


Doesn’t that sound good?

Let’s take a little journey into the science of satisfaction.

Ask yourself the question,

What does satisfaction really feel like?

On a biochemical level, your brain is giving you a feel-good neurotransmitter called Dopamine.

There are two reasons satisfaction results with a Dopamine download into your brain.

  1. The doing AND accomplishment of a project or job
  • checking off that ‘todo’ list item

Dopamine motivates us to act before we get the reward.
This means satisfaction is the result of DOING the gardening in your yard, not just the end result.

  1. Curiosity, novelty, and unpredictability = Satisfaction
    -The unexpected compliment from a co-worker
  • The professional who gives you a bottle of cold water on a hot summer’s day.
  • The chef comes out to speak with you during your meal to make sure everything is ok.

These are unexpected and novel things. Huge satisfaction from the unpredictable.

Satisfaction Researcher, Gregory Bern, says that
“customers get more satisfaction from the anticipation of the purchase than actually taking possession of the product.”

What will you be satisfied by today?

Lara Kenoyer
Nick McLean Real Estate Group
Client Experience Manager

Want to increase your satisfaction levels?
Make a list of satisfying things during your day. This list will give you a great boost of Dopamine (pleasure chemical)

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