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Be Your Own Champion…

This is one of the most competitive real estate markets in the history of humankind.

The obstacle in the path becomes the path.

Herein lies the challenge, a choice. A choice to take on this challenge or sit on the sidelines and wait it out. Those that see the obstacle as the way will achieve great things in real estate not just this year but, for the next decade.

Markets like these it is not about who you know or what you have done in the past. We are all on the same playing field and the score is 0 to 0.

A mentor of mine would always say, “You can’t take awards to the bank.”

For those that choose to be a player in the real estate industry, this is for you. How to forge a Champion’s Mindset.

We all have similar struggles, personal lives, bills, and distractions. I personally know the top agents, teams, and broker-owners in the Nation. They all struggle. They all have fear. They all have inner demons. They are all insecure. There is a difference between them and the average agent…

…They CHOOSE how to react. They know they can never give up control of their attitude.

They don’t need outside validation or encouragement. They find it inside themselves. They make the best of each situation.

The challenge is not to sell 20, 30, or even 50 homes. The challenge is to make the best of each and every moment. To become your best self despite the odds. To acquire a champion mindset.

The test of Champion is can they maintain professionalism in the face of adversity. When you stay calm and collected with a positive attitude against all odds you are forging a mental attitude that will serve you forever.

Your attitude is the one thing that will drive you forward from moment to moment. Choose the champion’s approach.

Every Olympic athlete had to train like an Olympian before they were an Olympian. You can’t wait for success before you start working as a successful person.

Get rid of the mindset, “As soon as…” As soon as I get this I will do that. That is BS. You need to start today.

The process of success requires a daily pursuit of growth. An eagerness to learn and to be well-trained. Experienced agents that think they know it all are dead in the water. The industry has changed, the consumer has changed and the demands are different. We have to maintain our training and never forget what got us here.

Stay hungry and eager to learn. The only way to ‘LOVE’ what you do is to grow.

Watch “Jiro Dreams of Sushi”. You can watch on Youtube, Netflix, Amazon –

One of the best documentary movies ever. Jiro Uno takes mastery to an entirely new level. At 85 years old Jiro is still searching his limits to achieve the perfect sushi. His 10 seat sushi restaurant sells out at 30,000 a plate.

Avoid this challenge could mean defeat. A search for a new career and for most struggle. Life is much harder when you are not growing.

Focus on the process, learning, skills, and making the best of each given moment and situation.

Nick McLean
Nick McLean Real Estate Group

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