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Boundaries will give you opportunities

No offense to the dictionary but the definition for boundaries is NOT a clear one. says Boundaries are…

“Something that indicates bounds or limits”

Boundaries are limits but not only limits…

We often know where the boundary of our property is.

We know where our skin starts and stops. Creating a “boundary” that keeps our muscles, facia, bones, blood on the inside, and everything in the environment on the outside.

We know our comfort level of “personal space” — A Boundary.

What is less clear are professional/ family/ friend boundaries.
emotional/ spiritual/ intellectual boundaries

These unseen boundaries give you an opportunity to:

1. Make your own decisions and be who you want to be
* Boundaries create self-confidence

2. Care for yourself
* Boundaries show that you value your own feelings
(giving others the opportunity to do the same)

3. Create realistic expectations
* Clear communication is always a win/win
* Others know what to expect

A boundary is a place where you can say

“No” when you need to


“Yes” when you want to.

What boundaries can you set that will give you more FREEDOM and OPTIONS?

Lara Kenoyer
Client Experience Manager
Nick McLean Real Estate Group

p.s. we have a new definition —
“a place where two things relate and connect”
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