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Building a Community in Your New Area

Friends, clients, and colleagues,

As many of you know, the summer selling season has wrapped up. Some of you have already moved into your new home. How do you go about building a community in your new area?

I recently stumbled upon on interesting article on Zillow that features six tips for getting started in your new neighborhood. I want to share my three personal favorites with you today.

First, Google the area. This may sound obvious, but running a quick search on the area can be very helpful. You will find Yelp! reviews for local restaurants, government websites, and more. Finding a few interesting areas to explore is a great way to get your family excited for the move.

Meet the homeowner’s association (if there is one). You’ll meet your neighbors and get on the inside track for neighborhood activities. You can also learn basic information like when trash pick-up is, where the library is, and which playground is best. You can also find out about common areas in the neighborhood, like parks.

Finally, get personal. These days it’s tempting to do everything online, and you can absolutely join helpful neighborhood Facebook groups. Still, I recommend introducing yourself to your neighbors. It may seem intimidating to ring a doorbell, but all you have to say is, “I’m new here and I just wanted to introduce myself.” If you’re really nervous, it helps to have a follow-up question ready, like, “Where is the best grocery store?”

If you are still looking for your new home this fall, you can search homes at If you need to sell your home before you can move into your new neighborhood, find out your current home value at

For more tips on settling in your neighborhood (and additional questions to ask your neighbors), check out the original article. Even if you are searching for a new home, you may want to go over some of these questions with your agent in order to find the best area for you and your family.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I would be happy to help you!

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