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Cheplak X McLean

You better buckle up and strap in because Jon Cheplak’s podcast is going to take your real estate business for an epic ride!

Jon and I held nothing back for anyone looking to grow their business and expand their personal freedom.

I even shared the secret that has allowed me to exit production…

…hint a bulletproof onboarding program and training protocols. I learned the power of onboarding and indoctrination training when I helped a Boeing 747 international cargo company obtain their FAA airline certification.

I spent a full year reviewing and proofreading training manuals.

I spent the next 12 months actually going through the flight training in Miami.

The same principles of learning translate to training in real estate. The good news is that any business leader can duplicate the process.

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Here is what Jon said about our interview.

20% Marketshare Team Leader, 7 Digit Plus Net Income, Zero Personal Sales, and Massive Free Time with Family.

Stay tuned for this interview with Team Leader, Nick McLean to drop across all channels and on my iTunes Cheplak Live podcast.

The wickedness being dropped on these interviews… 🚀

Check these Nuggets:

✅ Study the client acquisition process relentlessly.

✅ Hire people for Aptitude, Attitude and Appetite. Hire people who think on their own, not people who need to be TOLD what to do.

✅ People committed to a schedule are less likely to make mistakes while reactionary people are more likely to make mistakes.

✅ Organic email vs mass scripted email moves the consumers thoughts.

✅ Recruiting gives you safety from profit margins dropping

✅ Don’t Overtrain your agents. Feedback, Attendance and Engagement is the measuring stick.

✅ Your onboarding process builds a foundation for growth and learning which makes sales results predictable.

…and so much more to be released soon across all channels and my ITunes Cheplak Live Podcast.


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