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‘Don’t Pass The Buck’ (Video)

The one principle all business owners and real estate brokers must embody to become a great ensuring company and leader…

…’don’t pass the buck.’

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Many years ago, I was a hotshot pilot in training. It came time for my first solo cross country flight. I spent all week preparing for everything.

My performance numbers, perfect.

My weather forecast, perfect.

My flight plan, perfect.

I took off from Daytona Beach to Jacksonville and flew a perfect flight. Everything was perfection. I landed after 4 hours within 1 minute of my calculations.

When I walked in the door the dispatcher said, ‘where have you been?’

I said, ‘what do you mean I flew a perfect flight.’

You see there was a delay on the ground before I took off that pushed the takeoff back 6 minutes. I assumed the dispatcher noticed that but she didn’t.

As the pilot I never called it in.

The Chief Pilot taught me never to pass the buck. I made the excuse the dispatcher didn’t do her job. Yes, that was true but at the end of the day we must take responsibility for 100% of everything.

Business is no different. We have to take 100% responsibility with 0% excuses.

No matter what someone else does or what changes after we take off. We have to adjust and take on full responsibility and own the outcome.

We are not judged by the outcome we are judged by our leadership and how we manage our responsibilities.

Never blame others.

Never pass the buck.

Clients never respect those that have the best excuses. They respect those that take on the most responsibility with zero excuses.

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