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Expect the unexpected

If we tell you the theme of this year for real estate it is…


What is your first thought?

You fall into one of two camps.

“Oh no, stay in, stay safe. I’m scared”


“Yes! I can’t wait to see what is coming.”

The ‘oh no! stay safe’ camp will cause the body to tighten, mind to race, and the breath to speed up — all panic responses.
All stress on the body. The reptilian brain (NOT thinking brain – just reacting) is racing, preparing the body to run away. No smart decisions were ever made while your brain was running away.

If you think about it, unexpected things happen all the time. Flat tire. No cash for girl scout cookies. The new dishwasher doesn’t come on time. Leaky sink. SO many unexpected things.

How do you react?

Here are 3 easy ideas to gain control over the fight/flight/freeze part of your brain that just wants to save you …

#1 Call it like it is… “Well, this was unexpected”
You give your brain the obvious answer and you get dopamine (the feel-good neurotransmitter) treat from the brain.

#2 Find some humor.

Anger might be the reaction but making a joke and causing a little laughter gives the brain a treat as well.

#3 Figure out an easy solution.

Unexpected leaky sink? The brain feels better if you ‘solve’ the problem. Get on YouTube and figure it out.

The unexpected is always lurking somewhere. If you know how to easily handle flat tires and interrupted conference calls then you are on a path of health.

Here’s to good unexpected things coming your way!

Nick McLean
Nick McLean Real Estate 

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