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Fall Photos…How To Sell With No Showings

How to sell without having people go through your home…

I was talking to a client yesterday that wants to sell in the Spring not because it is a better time financially because it is a better time for her to allow showings.

Her kids are living in the basement and will be moving out in the Spring.  Her logic is nobody wants to see the home in its current condition.  Nor would they pay top dollar. 

I showed you how we sold her neighbors home a month ago without ever showing it.  We took professional photos and videos early so, we had it in our archive of future listings.  When a buyer came into our system that met their criteria perfectly we listed the home and sent that buyer the photos.   

They made an offer with a closing date that the owner chose.  The owner needed to find a home first in Nevado.  So, the buyer gave the seller time to go look and find one before committing 100%.

Yesterday, we offered free photography and video in the Fall.  We only have 2 more spots remaining.  

Reply yes, to having professional photos and videos of your home.  

We will reach out and schedule a date within the next 14 days to take professional photos that you can use whenever you decide to sell and find a better place for you and your family.


Nick McLean / Nick McLean Real Estate / 509-255-8070

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