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Filling Your War-Room With The Right People

Who is in your war-room?

Business isn’t for the passive and weak…

…everyday, someone else is coming for your clients and your position.

No position or clients? That is because someone has a war-room, and they are in it everyday surrounded by truth seekers and action takers.

They are planning and executing day after day. They know the moment they get soft and lazy, the game is over.

They don’t worry about the competition because they know the growth of their business is in the people and details.

Make sure your war-room is filled with free thinking individuals who have your back.

A bunch of yes-men and yes-women won’t cut it. They will make you feel smart but, you are about to get out played by the open-minded leaders who are surrounded by critical thinkers.

No excuses. I’ve bought my way into mastermind groups and inner circles to get the brutal hard facts.

Became a Select coach with Jon Cheplak to give top performers what they need not what they want. The truth.

If you’re not being challenged by your peers, you’re probably not growing.

It is routine for my text messages to say,

‘Report your numbers’

‘There’s a different way.’

‘You’re thinking too small!’

They’re up before the sun with no fluff. They celebrate success and never give in.

I never need the new diet, fad, hack, or 75 hard because my peers live it with no end or timeline.

Step out of your comfort to step up.

Nick McLean

Nick McLean Real Estate

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