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Finally Figured Out How To Secure A Home Before You List

I figured out how you can buy a home before you list…

In the last few months, it has been impossible for someone that has to sell their home first to win multiple offer situation.  No seller wants to talk about an offer that is subject to the buyer selling their home first.   This has been haunting me because I pride myself on being the most creative real estate firm in North Central WA. 

I figured it out…

If you have a home to sell in order to buy the next house.  We can make the offer NOT SUBJECT to the sale of your house!

How do we do that?

Our company guarantees your home will sale prior to the closing or at the same time as the home you are buying.

Because the equity in your home is probably your down payment we will make the closing dates line up perfectly.  If the home you are buying is vacant you might even be able to move in early.

Don’t settle for what is on Zillow.  The best homes are selling off-market or instantly.   

We are giving people that have homes to sell the first crack at new homes coming on.  We want to help line up the dominos for your benefit.

If you have a home to sell first before you can buy…  Send me an e-mail at with the address.  We will run the numbers so, you know what you can expect to return using this new innovative program.

Nick McLean
email me at

Do you prefer talking to a human?  Call our seller hotline at 509.255.8070 to get connected with an expert listing agent on our team.  Might even be me!


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