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Find connect the mind and body for extraordinary results

The reason most people are not prepared for the present let alone the here and now.

They don’t have a plan to keep their minds healthy and don’t see the mind-body as one unit.

The biggest failure I see in real estate is that clients fail to launch. Meaning they fail to make a decision. They fail to decide. Read on to find out how you can make better decisions.

Some may ask how Real Estate and Mind-Body processes relate.

A loose definition of Mind-Body is the relationship between what goes on in your head and how it acts out in the body.

ie: You forget to pay a bill (mind) and get a late fee and you get really mad or embarrassed…

What happens in your body? Racing heart? Racing thoughts? Stomach in knots?

Every thought we have connects to a biochemical reaction in the body.

Whatever your real estate goals are:

*New lake home


*estate sale

* Up-grade

The nerves and or excitement are all felt through the mind-body connection. Wouldn’t you rather be in control of how you respond rather than and overreaction?

Some helpful tips to move from REACTION to RESPONSE are:

*Breathe (don’t roll your eyes…take the breath)

*Sit down at a scheduled time and answer all questions/sign documents. Focus and your mind and body feel better.

*Hydrate – with water (again…don’t roll your eyes…go drink the water). You need water to do 90% of the body’s processes. WATER is the single most important thing to feel better and make clearer decisions.

One of our core values is, we value family, healthy, and community.  healthy.  Keeping in connection with our mind-body helps us serve you better too.

Here’s to feeling good AND buying and selling houses.

Best regards,

Nick McLean
Nick McLean Real Estate Group

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