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First 23 Days of Your Listing


We found in today’s market a home will see 2X, 3X the activity in the first 23 days!

Greg Wright explains why this is so important for all of us to understand…

You see as the market went up sellers gained confidence that prices will continue to go up so they….

Started pricing their homes ABOVE the last few closed sales.

When it works, those are the stories we hear about the market. What we don’t hear are the other 80% of homes that take 78 days or longer to sell.

Greg explains that in the first 23 days you will experience the most website activity, agent showings, and buyer inquiries.

This is why pricing your house correctly at the start is SO important. After 30 days or more with no offer, the marketplace is telling us the price is too high and a reduction is expected.

You list your home on the high end and it doesn’t sell. When you reduce it, it won’t get the same attention it would have if you had started at that price in the beginning.

The 1st key is to get a professional market analysis using the same approach an appraiser would use combined with a market overview for positioning.

The 2nd key is that a seller must list with an agent that has a marketing strategy to take advantage of the first 23 days. They must be members of more than one MLS, be a Premier Agent on Zillow with a budget in the $1000s to compete, show up on Google, Yahoo, Bing search engines, have social media advertising and much more.

To find out what your home would sell for in today’s market follow the link to to find out online.

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