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Five Things To Know Before You (BUY) Your First Lead

5 Things To Know Before You Assign The First Lead To An Agent on Your Team or Buy Your First Lead For Yourself…

I started onboarding agents when I was 31 years old.

Since then, I’ve…

• Onboarded 117 agents
• Went from 0% market share to 20%
• Wildly profitable with highly productive agents. Even back in 2012-2016 during the last recession, I had Agents selling 25+ homes per year with rising rates and rising inventory…Sound familiar?

If I had to do it all over again, here are five things I’d do differently.

1: Don’t give leads out until the agent is signed off.

It sounds like a good idea to get agents calling on day one when you have too many leads.

It wasn’t a good idea because it led to problems.

It led to the demoralizing failure that takes months to recover from or early success, which leads to that agent not valuing more training and meetings.

Instead, I would build a foundation of lead conversion skills.

2: Train basic phone skills for two weeks before the assignment.

I thought giving out leads was helping my agents get a jump start on their careers.

It didn’t.

Instead, I started training phone skills and lead conversion techniques for the first 14 days. Because I learned much later that this led:

• Proper phone ettitque
• Proper CRM use
• Proper preparation and quality of appointment

3: Share recorded phone calls

One of my biggest mistakes was setting up agents on valuable inbound phone calls before they were ready.

I shouldn’t have.

If I had to do it all over again, I’d listen to 10 great recorded phone calls and ten not-so-great recorded phone calls.

• Break down the phone call from a script perspective
• Break down the phone call from a technique perspective
• Break down the next steps with the new agents. What would you do next?

4: Don’t let the agent go on their first appointment solo.

The most dangerous flight is a solo flight.

Please make sure the agent’s first appointment has a seasoned agent with them.

The seasoned agent is there to guide them through the process. They are not there to help them close the deal. It is all about the process.

5: Always remember that quality equals quantity.

It has taken me many years to realize that quality equals quantity in real estate. The best agents require the fewest leads and appointments.

Ignore quantity.

Please don’t feel the need to throw them in the deep alone without a liferaft.

Just focus on the agent’s quality of performing the sales process.

Nick McLean
Nick McLean Real Estate
Cheplak Live Coach
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