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Four Considerations You Must Make Before Decided To Sell Or Stay

Should you sell or stay in your home?

You need the best advice from a group of real estate experts who are not afraid to tell you the facts.

We have a time-tested method that will give our homeowners the best information to make an informed decision.

Here are the four considerations we use when determining what advice to give our clients. 

  1. What is the home and property’s demand on the marketplace today? 
  2. What’s the value of the property. And is that value substantial enough for you, the homeowner, to want to explore or consider selling it? And how much are you going to walk away with? 
  3. How much will it cost to get your home on the market? How much is it going to cost to sell? How many repairs and maintenance do you have to do before you list? 
  4. Where is the homeowner going to go next? If you can’t get to your desired location, improve your quality of life. We’re not meeting our mission. So at that moment, if you can’t improve your life, we’re going to recommend that you stay in your house. 

If you decide to stay in your house, we’re gonna be there for you and help give you advice on what to do with your house, to maximize its value.

Because at some point we know you are going to want to sell your home and we don’t care if it’s a year or 10 years, we’re in it for the long haul for our clients. 

If you choose to sell it, that’s when we go to the next steps and outline exactly what it’s going to take to put it on the marketplace.

We take it to step by step as a full-service brokerage to get on the market and in a position to get top dollar. There is never any pressure or obligation to sell your home, even when it’s on the marketplace.

If you wanna know what your home would sell for in today’s market go to or call 509.255.8070

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