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Four Options For Sellers In Today’s High Interest Marketplace

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For the last three years, homeowners have only had to consider one R when owning a home, do I remain or do I sell but, now they have to consider three others.

This is because the last three years, it was not even a question of whether or not your home would sell. You decided to sell, and the home sold regardless of what agent I hired.

That is not the case anymore. If you hire the wrong agent and price the home incorrectly, your home will not sell. It will sit for months and months and ail to fail. This is the worst-case scenario, a total and utter lose-lose.

Let me explain the Four Rs.
Remain – You can stay in your home. You like it and want to stay above and beyond your opportunities in life. Restrain yourself from variety and adventure. Take comfort in knowing what you have and where you live.
Reduce – You listed your home, and it is not selling. It could likely be the agent’s marketing, but your home will sell at a lower price despite bad marketing.
Relist – You can relist your home with a different agent like NMREG to get top dollar.
Rent – An excellent option is to rent out your home and buy or move to a new home. Rental rates are still great, and the renter will pay your mortgage. Go to to find out what your home would rent for in today’s market.
Our clients want to know two things, what will my home rent for, and what will it sell for? If you want to know this, send me an email with your address and contact information or go to

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