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Here Are The 5 Tips To Add Value To Your House Instantly…

The 5 things you can do to your house that will massively increase value…

In our last email about the housing bubble in Eastern and NCW.   We offered to give the 5 most effective ways to increase the value of your house. 

We were overwhelmed with the response so, we are sending it to everyone because there is so much value here.

Remember HG TV is wrong.  What you have read in the past is wrong about how to increase the value.   Most things you do to a house DO NOT increase the value more than the cost.

If you are like me you want to get a return on your cost.  These 5 tips have massive returns when selling your home.

#1 – New Front Door – This is the best improvement item on the list.  A steel door.  You can get a new steel door for under $500.  Paint it and your home value just went up to $2k – $5k.  

Already have a nice front door.  Paint it.  $50 and you just made a couple thousand.  

#2 – Paint Interior Walls – I recommend a professional.  For $3k -$5k for most homes, you can increase the value $6k – $12k with nice paint.  The contractor will fix all the drywall areas as well.   

#3 – Pre-Inspection – Hire a professional inspector to pre-inspect your house.  Fix all the little honey-do items they find.  This can save you 10s of thousands in hidden landmines.  Also, a buyer will pay you 1-2% more money for a repaired house. 

#4 – New Carpet – Clean the carpets professionally or get new carpets.   Be careful.  There are builder grade carpets to purchase.  Most people get the wrong carpet and lose money.  With the right carpet, you will get a great return.

#5 – The agent you choose – Price is a function of supply and demand.  The right agent can increase demand.  The wrong agent can decrease demand.  For example, our team spends $40k a month on marketing.  This isn’t to brag it is just to highlight the contrast to the industry average less than $200 a month.  Your home will ultimately sell for what someone is willing to pay.  So, if 100 people see it than you get the most money someone is willing to pay out of the 100 people.  If your home is seen by 100,000 then you get the most money someone is willing to pay out of the 100,000.  Make senses right?  

Now imagine you hire the right team and they can get your home in front of highly qualified buyers in Seattle, Bellevue, and Redmond looking to relocate to our area after selling their home for $1.5 million.  Compare that the traditional marketing a sign in the yard and put it on the local MLS.

Special offer – If you need a painter, contractor (door), Carpet Cleaner, Carpet installer with the right carpet, Inspector, and a market analysis.  Reply to this email and we will get our team to help you maximize your home’s value.

Nick McLean

PS.  You can always go to to get an online home value or search the active home inventory in NCW.

Nick McLean  Nick McLean Real Estate Group 509-255-8070

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