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Here is a recap video on our lead generation, marketing, and advertising training event.

Naturally, after holding an event where you teach all your secrets in marketing and advertising that produce thousands of qualified buyer and seller leads, you get a lot of questions.

I decided to shoot a recap video for everyone that couldn’t make it live.

If you did not make it live, reach out to me if you want help in designing your marketing and advertising strategy.   I’ve spent hundreds of thousands learning from the top marketers in the world.  

I did get feedback from agents asking if I would be willing to do their marketing for them.   I thought about it, and the answer is YES!

If you want to talk about joining our team, I will take on all your marketing expenses including photos, videos, and much more.  Reach out to me and let’s grab a coffee and talk about how to grow your business.  

I will do all the marketing so, you can focus on delivering an awesome client experience to buyers and sellers.

Nick McLean

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