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Here’s How You Can Hire 20+ To Sell Your Home And Make More Money…

How can a real estate team sell your home for more money than the traditional individual agent?

Nick explains to you the difference between a real estate team and an individual agent operating alone.

Now let’s imagine that an individual agent is like a small restaurant and you walk into the restaurant and….

that agent greets you at the door

that agent sits you down gives you menus and takes a beverage order

the agent takes your order

that agent runs back to the kitchen and makes your food really quick,

and then brings your food back out

the agent cleans the tables and buses the dishes

How much would you bet that food’s gonna taste good?

A real estate team is like a well-run doctor’s office.

You walk into the doctor’s office. What is the first thing that happens? They greet you. The receptionist greets you. The receptionist takes your insurance information. And then the nurse helps you next, taking your blood pressure, your height, your weight, and asks you all of the right questions so that when the doctor comes in, they’re prepared to give you the highest quality service, expertise, and advice that’s gonna cure you or give you the information you need so that you feel better.

The individual agent system, the traditional model, is broken. It is antiquated. Those agents cannot serve their clients and sell their homes for the most money. They can’t do it because they can’t afford to market your home at the highest level and they don’t have the leverage that comes with specialized staff.

They don’t have a listing coordinator, an on-staff professional photographer, a closing coordinator to help with all the deadlines or a marketing advertising agency to get your home exposed to all of the buyers in the marketplace.

50% of individual agents don’t even have a website, whereas our website had 40,000 new buyers visit last month alone.

So if you wanna sell your home for the most money, I recommend you interview a real estate team to do the job.

We’re not in a hurry to sell your home. We’re not gonna pressure you. We’re gonna give you advice on when, where, and how you should sell your home.

If you’d like to know what your home’s worth, there’s never any obligation or any pressure to sell, reach out to us today.

Call 509.255.8070 to talk to a listing expert on our team.

Nick McLean
Nick McLean Real Estate Group

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