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Home Searching Mistakes We Are Seeing…

The biggest home-buying mistakes that are forcing buyers to WAY OVERPAY for homes…

There is a concept called the ‘BLUE OCEAN’ and the ‘RED OCEAN’ that I will teach you today that will save you 10s of thousands of dollars on your next home in North Central WA.  

Searching for a home in today’s real estate market is tough.  There are under 100 homes on the market and over 10,000 active buyers searching for homes in North Central WA.  Many are from out of the area and have cash.

There are still great deals and I’m going to show you how to get them.

Prices are high but, affordability is low.  This means you will pay more for a house but, your monthly payment is ‘SUPER’ low with 2.6% mortgages.

How to get your hands on a new home for sale before anyone else…

…Stop searching for homes where everyone else is searching.

‘Zillow, Trulia, and’

These sites are the ‘RED OCEAN’.   Meaning there are thousands of other sharks going after very few fish.  It is a blood bath.  Nobody wins.  Everyone is fighting and driving up prices.

Not only that but, many of the homes on these sites are older.  They get information sometimes days or weeks late.  

You need to search for homes in the ‘BLUE OCEAN’.  Where there are no other sharks.  Where fish come into the pond first.  You get to take your pick without having to fight over scraps.

Over the last year, we developed a system to get buyers priority access to the best deals before 99% of all buyers see them.

It is like going to Disney Land on the busiest holiday with lines a mile long and you being able to cut to the front anytime you want.

It should be against the rules to get this type of access but, luckily for you, it is not. 

There are only 100 active homes on the market and over 10,000 buyers.

With our program, we can flip this equation.  There will be access to 10,000 homes with only 100 buyers.

You get the pick of the litter.

Our team has sold 2 homes a day using this program since COVID-19 hit.

Find out more about the program…

Reply, Yes, I would like access.

Include your phone number and one of our specialists will reach out and get you all set up.

It is a free service with no obligation to buy.

We have been doing this for over a decade and we are not in a hurry to sell you a home.  In fact, if you are anything like us we don’t like salespeople. 

We just want to be there for you when you are ready.

Get started ‘NOW’

Click Reply and type, “YES, I want to access”

Include your full name, phone, and area you are looking in.

Talk to you soon,

Nick McLean
Nick McLean Real Estate Group


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