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Homebuyers And Sellers Beware; Silicon Valley Profits From Selling Your Personal Information

Don’t let Silicon Valley steal your information and sell it to a local real estate agent costing you tens of thousands of dollars on the ultimate sales price of your home.

Here is what you need to know about these new Silicon Valley-based companies spending millions of dollars running non-stop ads on national television.

They ask you to go to their website to find a trusted real estate expert; they do this by offering your free home value estimation and unrealistically low commissions.

As soon as you sign up on their website, they’re taking your information, data, and personal contact information and selling it to local real estate agents, banks, and lenders.

When local agents pay for these leads, it lowers their commission and ships local money out of the area.

Also, agents with small operating budgets will try to make it up by lowering their marketing budget. We all know that when the agent reduces the amount of money they have to market your home, it will lower the final sale price of your home.

Marketing is the number one way to increase the demand for your home; more demand always translates into a higher sale price.

The Silicon Valley companies probably don’t care about your best interest. They just want you to sign up and give them your information to sell it and siphon off part of the commission. They have no long-term skin in the game for the community you live in.

Nick McLean Real Estate Group has skin in the game, and we’re going to be in the community for years. If you want to know what your home’s worth, reach out to our company, and we’re going to tell you whether or not you should list it or wait to list it.

We will never sell your information, and as always, there is no obligation to list or ever sell your home.

Search Nick McLean Real Estate and call us today 509-255-8070

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