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Homes that sell for top dollar do this better than the rest

With the New Year, many of us will be taking down our decorations in and outside our house.  This gave me an idea that could be worth $25,000 to many of you reading this.  

First, we must start off with a principle.  We run our business on principles removing the component of luck as much as possible.  

“The best time to prepare your home for the market is when it is not on the market.”

Homes that sell for less than optimum wait for the buyer’s feedback.  By the time they get quality feedback, they are facing a price reduction or lower than full ask offers.  

Don’t be one of those sellers.  This year, during your holiday decoration activities, go a step further.  Start decluttering your house.  

Decluttering, cleanliness, and new interior paint are the three things that will increase your home’s value more than any other project you consider.  

Happy New Year,

Nick McLean
Nick McLean Real Estate Group

PS.  If you want our team to walk through your house to tell you what to declutter and what not to declutter.  Email me your address.  We will walk through and point out items to stay and items that must go.

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