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How Agents Can Create Checklists That Actually Create A Repeatable System

Real estate brokers have butchered the use of checklists because they never learned how this simple tool can fix all of their employee’s errors and mistakes from happening again, again, and again.

A checklist when done right will save you countless hours and make you money

The real estate industry thinks a checklist is like a grocery list.
Agents talk about how much they need better systems. The reason is their systems are not systems. Their systems are either stuck in their head or a word document as an old-fashioned to-do list.

Would you take your grocery list from last year to the store today?

What you need is a checklist. Not a to-do list.

A system minimizes errors and lays out a process to complete a task with the fewest steps.

Checklist items need to be in the correct order and require the fewest steps possible…or people will leave you.

I see these so-called checklists and I cringe because they are way too long.

There are so many wasted steps. It is no wonder the reader doesn’t do them. It looks like a honey-do list from hell. A laundry list of items with no logical order.

How would you like to go grocery shopping but, you can only grab one thing from each aisle at a time; if there are two items in one aisle, you have to leave and then come back.

That is what you are doing when items are in the wrong order. You are wasting your people’s time.

You will lose people for wasting their time even though they are paid per hour. People enjoy their work when they can get things done quickly and effectively.

A checklist is not a to-do list. Stop using it to micro-manage your people with busy work.

Your systems need to be air-tight with procedures that require the fewest steps in the proper order.

To get started, it is simple, choose the most common task you perform for a client.

#1 – Write all the steps to complete in the correct order requiring the fewest movements.

#2 – Don’t explain how to do the steps in the checklist. This is a common error. Your training manual will detail the instructions. Your people should know how to do the task. The checklist makes sure they don’t miss anything that could cost money or cause harm.

#3 – Use the fewest words possible. Make each step clear and concise. The word or words should encompass the essence of the task.

For example, Landing Gear – DWN. It is clear and concise. Notice it is not, ‘Pull the landing gear level into the down position.

#4 – Remember, each domino should logically hit the next domino. The human brain remembers things based on locations and what comes before and after.

#5 – Finally, put the most critical step first. This is the exception to the rule when it comes to doing things in order. If there is a timely and urgent step for health, safety, or catastrophic error that costs the company tons of money, put it first.

These are the only items you require to be memorized on the entire checklist. All other items must be read and checked.

Nick McLean
Nick McLean Real Estate Group
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