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How Do You Get Your Real Estate License…

Karl Pillemer wrote in his book, “30 Lessons for living” 
The key to work-life happiness is not to choose a job solely on your earnings and stability.  

Choose a career that you are passionate about.  One that you can connect with people.  One that is gives you aim.  The pursuit of goals. 

Real Estate checks those boxes.  You are helping someone achieve something quite impactful to their quality of life.  

14 years ago, I got my real estate license online.  I had no idea I would become a Realtor but, I got it anyway.   It was interesting to me.  I followed my interests and passion.  The best career decision of my life.

Find out what it takes to get your license by going to Rockwell Institute.  This is where all our agents get licensed.  

It is quite simple and takes 90 hours.  If you decide to sign up e-mail me and let me know!  I would love to set up a 15-minute zoom or call to talk about your real estate adventure to come!

Nick McLean 
Nick McLean Real Estate

PS If you want to get your license but, can’t afford it simple e-mail me and we will help.

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