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How has the pandemic changed real estate agents forever?

“It is never going back to the way it was.”

This is how my coaching call started yesterday. This coach consults with the top teams, brokerages, and owners in the World. CEOs of major franchises, INMAN, and top 1% of the 1% producers in major markets.

This statement wasn’t to shock me, it was to sober me into reality. The consumer is driving the car. Their consuming behavior has changed and the agent of the future has to adapt…now.

Do you want to thrive in 2021 not just survive?

I’m opening up my personal 1 on 1 coaching session with the top coach in the world. (Many pay over $4000 an hour for his time.) To the first 10 people that reply, “I’m all in”.

You will get a private Zoom link. The date and time will be next week Wednesday at 0820. Our coach will cover exactly what you need to do in 2021 to grow your business.

Don’t feel intimidated or close-minded. The first-year agent or the 30-year agent will walk away with clarity on how to succeed in real estate which is changing every single day. There is no judgment, sit back and observe.

Nick McLean
Nick McLean Real Estate

PS. This is not a recruiting call or a sales call. I don’t sell anything. I mentioned a few weeks ago, that I’m sharing everything I know and part of that is introducing you to the people that helped me grow.

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