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How long does it actually take to find a home in North Central WA?

This is going to be a shocker to many of us.   How long does it actually take to find a home in North Central WA to purchase and to close.

We are all used to an Amazon world…  When we want something how long does it take to find it and purchase it?

Seconds and not only that it will be at your doorstep in 1 day!  

Real estate is probably the one thing that hasn’t changed.  Finding and closing a home takes time but, how much time?

Before I begin, anyone can purchase items off of Amazon so, there is no advantage or advancement in your life and wealth.    Real Estate takes time, money, effort, and skill so, 90%+ give up.  That is why the 10% that keep going make all the money and achieve advancements in their lives.

After selling over 500 homes in 2020, we tracked our buyers. 

The average buyer will spend 180 days searching for homes online before they contact an agent.

Once they meet with our team they will look at homes for an average of 60 days.  

Once they find a home and get it under contract it will take 45 days to do the home inspection and appraisal.  

Total Time from First Search to Closing – 285 days!!!  Nearly 1 year!!

The biggest delay is meeting with our team.  Once you meet with our team and get full access to the best deals on and off the market it only takes 105 days.  Let us call it 3.5 months.

If you decide to meet with our team today and get full access and priority access to homes in NCW you can plan to be in a new home this Spring April, May, or June.  

You have the power of choice.  Your life and results are up to you.  You can have a better home.  You can have the outcome you desire.   Don’t waste 180 days scrolling Zillow with no results.   It doesn’t have to be a dream, you can make it a reality.

CLICK HERE and search our site.  Be proactive and reach out to our team on our website.  Ask a question, request a showing!  We do video tours so, you don’t even have to be in town.

Nick McLean
Nick McLean Real Estate
Call our agent team to get full access – 509-255-8072

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