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How Many Leads Do You Need To Sell 12 More Homes?

Over the decade, I have generated 100,000+ real estate leads.

I’ve tracked every lead to the closing table, and here is what I found out. My findings will tell you exactly how many leads you need to sell 10, 20, 30 even 50 homes a year.

Before I did that, I was shocked when I looked at our website numbers last month…

…Our group generated 1352 leads in Jan. 2022.

So, how many leads does it take the average agent to close one home?

30 Leads per closing.

If you want to add one additional closing per month in 2022, you need 360 more leads.

Here is an opportunity. We have too many leads to serve. This is forcing me to hire agents looking to grow their business NOW!.

Based on my calculations, we can hire four agents right now and provide 30 leads a month. This will virtually guarantee 12 more closings for that agent with no marketing expense or unnecessary desk fee.

Suppose you want to add 12 home closings to your established business in 2022. Send me an e-mail at to explore the opportunity.

I promise not to recruit you. It is an exploration of the opportunity and to see if we are a good fit first and foremost.

Nick McLean
Nick McLean Real Estate Group
Or text 509.670.1071

PS. 100% confidential. Chances are you are happy, which is why this is all about discovery.

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