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How much has your home gone up? Insider information.

What you are about to read will not be reported by any appraiser, Realtor, or news publication for a month or two.   

I was having a conversation with a very reputable source on home values in North Central WA.  He and I are very keen on numbers and analytics.   He is a professional appraiser and I’m an owner of a real estate company that people hire to get the most money.  Our entire business model is predicated on achieving more money for our clients than the competition.  So, it is our business to know.

 He and I calculated that the average sales price in North Central WA has gone up 18% year over year!

That is $18,000 for every $100,000 in value.  

A $400,000 home on 12/31/2019 is now worth $472,000.  $72,000 more money in equity.

A $600,000 home on 12/31/2019 is now worth $708,000.  $108,000 more money in equity.

I wrote a story about the stimulus package that was created for homeowners earlier this year.  It is the single largest creation of wealth given to real estate owners EVER!  

This information will prompt a lot of questions about the future.  

Send them my way.

It gets better.  For those that will capitalize on this equity and sell there is even more equity to achieve.  Our office has a system that has proven to achieve more money.  In some cases, another 18% compared to traditional methods.    We do this through, video, marketing, staging, warranties, positioning, conversion, negotiations, and more.  

The New Year is tomorrow.  Come March and April everyone and their brother will list their homes and this will flood the market place and prices will be threatened.  

Beat the competition find out your home’s value now.  We understand you still have Holiday decorations.

E-mail me your address and a day in the New Year that works for you to tour. 

Nick McLean
Nick McLean Real Estate Group
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