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How much profit is in our (your & mine) honesty, knowledge, reassurance, resilience, patience.

Dear friends,

One of the most reassuring things we can know in life is that we have someone we can trust.

Author Dr. Brene Brown says “Trust is built in very small moments.”

We believe this at Nick McLean Real Estate. It’s the small details, concern, listening, and showing up that make all the difference.

Trust is built in every step of the selling and buying process with you.

It starts with a phone call at 509.670.5532 you make to find out how to start selling your home.

Trust is built by a caring agent who can hear your needs.

Trust is a response showing that we heard your concern.

Trust is clear explanations of your next steps.

Trust is dependable action.

PS We believe we have all the qualities trust is built on. Please call us today 509.255.8070 to talk about selling your home.  We never expect anyone to list or sell their home.   It is about our client’s personal timelines and comfort levels.  We can only advise.

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