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  • How one home sold for $172,700 more post-COVID-19 with the help of Facebook.

How one home sold for $172,700 more post-COVID-19 with the help of Facebook.

Five weeks ago I was presenting to a homeowner in Lake Chelan for $1.39 million. It was an outrageous new home with spectacular views of Lake Chelan.

The owner called because they wanted…

…exposure to people relocating from Seattle & California because of the pandemic.

To reach buyers from outside the area and ones that can afford a $1.39 million home it takes expert marketing. Expert marketing in today’s social media world target marketing. Let me explain…

…Facebook has over 400,000 data points on each profile that uses its platform. If you haven’t watched Netflix’s new movie, “The Social Dilemma”. I recommend it.

Go to to request an appraisal.

The bad news is Facebook knows more about your preferences and human nature then you do. They know what you want and how to get you to buy it from their advertisers.

The good news is our team has been marketing our homes for sale using these methods for years. And the results are incredible.

To say the least, the old methods of selling a home with flyers, magazines outside the store, and open houses no longer work during COVID-19.

On my way back to our Wenatchee office, I took a call from our social targeted marketing. It was a Seattle buyer that had just sold their home over there. They were sitting on $1 million of cash and wanted a very nice home in Wenatchee.

Because the inventory was so low they couldn’t find it on their own. So, we had to go to our homeowners that are not on the market but, would consider selling.

I have to take you back for 9 months. 9 months ago our team did a market analysis for a client with a custom home in East Wenatchee. That analysis came in at $727,300.

The client decided not to list and stay in their home. They would consider any qualified buyer that may want their home.

That call I took from our marketing was that buyer.

Fast forward 4 weeks, we sold their home for $900,000!!!!

$172,700 more than their original valuation!

My question to you. Do you have a home when offered an exciting price would consider selling?

If so, let me know your address because we will have the perfect buyer willing to pay top dollar.

My direct e-mail or text me at 509-670-1071 or call our team at 509-255-8070 today!

Nick McLean Nick McLean Real Estate 509-255-8070 Get a free online home value at

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