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How Real Estate Investing Is Better Than…401k, Stocks, Bonds…

Ways that real estate investing is superior to Stocks, 401k, Bonds…

I purchased my first rental income-producing property in 2010. It is a home that has three rental producing units and it has been one of the greatest purchasing our family will ever make.

Not because of the additional $2000 a month it provides to our family each month. Because of the safety, security, and freedom that $2000 provides us.

Imagine…how cool it would be to win the lottery. That lottery ticket gives you an extra $2000 a month for the rest of your life!

Knowing that you can spend that money freely on anything you want, what would you spend it on?

Trip to Bend, OR, or Hawaii. Pay off debt or save for kids/grandkids college education. Start a new business. Have a personal trainer. Lease/Buy a new Tesla/Porche/BMW. Save up for larger purchases like a custom-built house.

You have the freedom to do it because next month another $2000 check will be in the mail.

This is all possible and much more when you start investing in real estate that produces income.

Unless you have cash your first income-producing property won’t bring in $2000 a month but, it will bring in cash each month. And that cash is yours to keep each month.

Did I mention that you are also building equity as prices go up?

Here is the best part. You don’t have to manage it. In fact, I recommend you don’t because you more than likely will stop investing. When you manage your properties you give up the freedom they provide. And for me, owning real estate is about buying freedom for me and my family.

Your financial advisor will never advise you to purchase real estate vs. stocks. They will tell you about compounding interest and taxes and hassle. This is an agency problem. You see, they make money on the total amount of your retirement account. The system is built upon the assumption you won’t retire until you are 67 years old.

If you are anything like me, I don’t want to wait until I’m 70 years old to retire. I want to enjoy every day I have because there is no guarantee of our future. We are all experiencing uncertainty today.

Many of us have money in the stock market or equity in our homes that can be used to purchase income-producing homes throughout North Central WA.

If you want to compare and contrast your stocks vs. owning a rental. Reply to this e-mail and explain your scenario and retirement goals.

Nick McLean

Nick McLean Real Estate Group
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