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How Successful People Have Viewed Real Estate Decisions…

The quality of our life is tied to the quality of our decisions.  Most people think there are these wildly large decisions that need to be made.  They call it opportunity.  Most opportunities are based on luck.  They are random.  What really matters?

Behavior.  What you do consistently is who you really are.  You are not what you believe you should have been or what you could be.  You are what you are right here in this moment.

What does this have to do with real estate?

If you believe you could have lived in a nicer home if you would have only bought sooner, moved sooner, sold sooner, you are right.  Being right isn’t the goal.  Discovering the behavior that stopped you from achieving and finding the behavior that would have got you there is.

The reason you live where you do is based on your behaviors that drive decisions.  You might argue resources.  I don’t have enough money or resources.  

I will argue you were not resourceful enough.

Over the last decade, we have helped 5000 people reach and achieve their real estate goals.  Not because they had more money because we are more resourceful.

In order to make a decision on if you should sell your home or stay. 



Don’t guess, truly find out what it is worth.  Not knowing is on you.  I know it is scary to know because then you will fear you might lose the equity.

Financial advisors tell their clients not to look at their portfolios.  That is because of compounding interest.  It is better not to touch it.  Real Estate is not that way.

Real Estate is about buying and selling and buying and selling.  Moving UP!

I live in a great house.  It is a dream house for me.  It is because I made a series of moves.  Not because of my income or how I was raised.



If you want to know what your home is worth.

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Nick McLean
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