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How the Home Inspection Process works: Avoid making unnecessary mistakes


“There is no such thing as a failed home inspection”

Nick breaks down the home inspection process so, you don’t make an unnecessary mistake that can cost you thousands when buying or selling your home!

We recommend our clients ALWAYS get a professional home inspection when purchasing….

Heck, we also recommend home owner’s get their home pre-inspected to uncover hidden landmines that can kill future transactions.

Many people don’t understand that you have to negotiate a home inspection contingency….. It is not standard and it is not state law that the seller agrees to let you have a home inspection..

Our team is trained in the art of negotiations and securing a home inspection contingency is of the utmost importance….

How does the home inspection process work?

You have a time period to complete your home inspection after agreement…

Typically it is around 10 days after agreement..

A real estate broker should refer at least 3 professional home inspectors….We have over a dozen to choose from…

A professional home inspector will inspect the home based on state requirements…

The inspector will complete a report of findings NOT requirements to sell…

If your agreement has a home inspection contingency there should be a inspection response process. Which should include an opportunity to ask for repairs or modifications…..

The seller does not have to agree….

There may be back and forth…….Ultimately the buyer needs to chose to move on or terminate.

The home does not have to pass a home inspection to sell…..However, a lender may require certain repairs before they finalize the loan…..

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