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How to avoid interruptions and become a high output broker

Overwhelming ‘Interruptions’…

…reported as the number one killer to high output.

A survey was done asking top-performers in business what their most common day to day problem was…

Overwhelming ‘Interruptions’.

There is a cosmic battle between our focus and the world.

Not only do interruptions disrupt our focus which kills our productivity and usefulness it drains our ability to learn and grow.

When we focus it tells our brain this is important to start forming memories and pathways. The more intense the focus the better. We can solve problems, develop, and refine skills.

Focus is the basis for learning. High productive people know that the more they learn the more they earn. Therefore ‘Focus’ or directed attention to high priority activities are key. Anything that distracts or interrupts those moments should be planned for.

How to plan for focus and minimize interruptions.

Strive for regularity.

Prevent starts and stops throughout your day.

Address ‘Time Bombs’ on your own time not after it blows up.

Coordinate your focused work time with others around you. Free your schedule of conflicts with other co-workers and family.

People wouldn’t interrupt you if they knew in advance how much it disturbs you. There are graceful ways to address an interruption.

‘I’m sorry, I can’t help you right now, I’m focusing’

Tactically use the following to minimize interruptions.

1. Sign on the door – Please do not disturb.  I lock the door when working at home.
2. Auto-responder on e-mail.   “I will be checking my emails today at 4 PM” as an example.
3. Change Voicemail.  
4. Be pro-active and let everyone most likely to interrupt you, your schedule.
5. Let people know how to message you with non-emergency questions and comments.   Such as e-mail, text, Facebook IM. 

Nick McLean

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