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How to feel safe in an upside-down market.

One of our core desires is to feel safe.

Safety is huge.

We spend most of our paycheck on our safety in some fashion. A lot of our attention is devoted to safety.  Buying the best locks for our doors. Security systems for our homes. The safest car to drive down the road.

Hoping somehow that the terrible thing we imagine might not happen.

As you lock yourself away, have you stopped to consider what does safety FEEL like?

We know what it looks like…. a lock, security camera, Life 360 on our kid’s phones.

Yet what helps you FEEL safe is also part of the structure of the safety we are searching for.

For example, what makes you feel safe doing business with a local store?

Safety is much like trust and can be measured in small moments. A greeting. Remembering your name and face. Asking something small about your dog or grandchild. Stopping and having a conversation. Making extra effort to show you that you matter.

It’s attention. Attention to the details and sincerity. Caring helps us all feel safe. It’s a human connection.

Feeling safe is universal. If you desire safety…. then guaranteed the next person you speak to wants the same thing.

Here’s a small tip for cultivating safety with the next person you speak with.

* Pause (briefly)
* give them your full attention
* listen not just to their words but the feelings that they are feeling
* Connect to the answer or response you give them.

We wish it worked to tell you “YOU ARE SAFE HERE!” but we also understand it will take more than that.

True sincerity followed by action.

The real estate market is daunting and scary for many people in 2022. 

A very competitive seller’s market and tons of judgment on whether or not you are making the right decision. 

We are here for you no matter what decision you make.  We support your growth and want you to feel safe and secure that whatever decision you make you have a real estate team on your side.

Best regards,

Nick McLean & Lara Kenoyer
Nick McLean Real Estate Group


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