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How To Find A Home Before You Sell Yours…

Most of our clients own homes.  Most of our clients must sell their homes in order to buy their next home.  This puts everyone in a Catch 22.  Here is why…

…In a low inventory market homes on the market are getting 1 to 30 offers.  The owner of that listing doesn’t want to take an offer that is subject to or contingent on the sale of someone’s home.  This means if you have a home to sell you really need it to sell first.  

Nobody is willing to risk going homeless in hopes of finding a home.  This means there are a lot of homeowners that want to sell but, don’t feel confident in selling without a place to go…  Does this sound familiar?

I came up with a solution… or two… That allows our clients to make offers non-contingent of the sale of your home.  In other words, you can write an offer on a home and win.  When you win that home we then can put your home on the market.  

The home you live in closes the same day as your new house.  

This strategy works every time when you win your next home offer.  

If you have a home to sell before you buy, let’s meet and do a market report to see what it is worth today.  

Call our seller hotline to set up an appointment 509-255-8070.

Or Text me your address 509-670-1071

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Nick McLean
Nick McLean Real Estate

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