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How To Find A Work/Life Balance…

How to find a work-life balance…

Balance… Ah, balance, the state of equilibrium.

Sounds really nice, doesn’t it? The place where everything is just right.

Work/life balance
A balanced diet
Relationship/family balance
Balanced checkbook
Client/Broker balance & Buyer/Seller Balance

Or are you in constant search of this thing called “balance”?

Balance can be tricky.
You could possibly spend more energy in your day TRYING to be in balance than truly BEING there.

As, Jana Kinsford, author of Unjuggled, says…

“balance is not something you find it’s something you create.”

Here are 5 ways to create more effortless balance in your life —

  1. Define what balance means to you
    -You must know what you are aiming for
    -You must know how it feels when you get there
  2. Self Discipline
  • Watch out for those time-sucking activities. In real estate, we call them time vampires. Top performers in life know that to show up at your highest self it is not as much how much you can do but, what you can remove.
  1. Be Consistent
  • Every day and if possible at the same time!! Remember that tiny hinges swing big doors.
  1. Plan ahead

-Add to your calendar
*make dinners on Sunday for the week
*Time with a loved one
*Pay bills
*Date Night
*Board Games with kids/grandkids

If it is not on the schedule or calendar and announced to your sphere it doesn’t exist. Maybe in your head and those events cause conflicts. So, get them out of your head and on the calendar.

  1. Make time for yourself
  • Isn’t it amazing that most of us feel balanced when we are doing the thing we love to do?
  • This could be time with friends but, I suggest having alone time. The more comfortable we become with being alone with ourselves the more balance we will find. We can be at peace anywhere so as long as we are there.

Don’t wait until life throws you off center to try and fight your way back to your equilibrium. Start right now while things are good.


Nick McLean Real Estate Group
Written by Lara Kenoyer and Nick McLean

PS. My favorite RUMI quote about balance…

“Life is a balance between holding on and letting go.”

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