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How To Get Access To More Ncw Homes

To get started most buyers start their search on Zillow, Trulia or  The problem with these sites is the get the information late and sometimes not at all.  The best homes sell quickly and many off market.  This means people searching on Zillow are not getting all the available homes.   And when they do the home is sold.

The second item to know is that even in a hot market there are sellers that are motivated more by time than money.   People that need financial help, going through a divorce, bankruptcy or estate sales are good examples.  There are other sellers that are motivated to leave the area.  Would it helpful to get access to these homes?

The third thing is when you own a home there are ways to make an offer on a home and win even though you have to sell your home.  We have 5 strategies to win homes and sell your home for top dollar guaranteed.  We will even pay your mortgage if we can’t.  

To get access to our program to get access to all the homes, reply ‘interested’.

We will set you up on a private home search.

If you have a home you need to sell first let us know.  We will run you through how to sell and buy at the same time.

Nick McLean 

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