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How To Get Buyers Off The Fence…

How to get that one buyer that is taking all your nights and weekends off the fence…

We all have a buyer that is taking up 80% of our nights and weekends.  I once showed the same buyers’ homes on 19 straight Sundays.

It was the year, the Seahawks made the playoffs for the first time with Russell Wilson.  I missed every single game.  It wasn’t the game I missed it was being with my friends and family.

There is something happening when your buyer won’t pull the trigger.  


Fear of commitment
Fear of risk
Fear of loss
Fear of making the wrong decision
Fear of the unknown

To get these buyers of the fence we have to identify their biggest fear.

I remember it was week 17 and I was fed up with these buyers.  I told my wife they either buy a home today or I’m done showing them homes.

So, on the last home.  I asked if they want to buy this home and they replied no, let’s keep looking.  Instead of firing them.  I asked…

…What is your biggest fear when it comes to buying a home?

And I listened…

I found out they were scared of choosing the wrong one.  They felt it was a big decision that couldn’t be reversed.  

I explained to them that this is a first house, not the last house.  How they can sell it in the future.  How they can change it to who they would like to live.  

Remember this.   70% of buyers surveyed said they would purchase a home if they better understood the process and how it works. 

Not just how it works when they buy.  But, how it works if they ever wanted to change and sell.

Happy house hunting!

Nick McLean
Nick McLean Real Estate

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