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How To Give Buyers/Sellers Info Without Wasting Your Time

How to provide information to a buyer or seller without wasting your time…
People can’t make a decision until they get enough information.

But you can’t information dump on clients. That causes overwhelm and it is over their head. You have to spoon feed the information and interpret it to a 6th grade level so, it is easily understood .

Every step of the way and every each question you answer with information. Ask them to move to the logical next step.


Home Tour (listing).

Run the numbers.

Write an offer.

See the home again 2nd showing.

Call the listing agent for information on availability.

Schedule photos for a listing.

Ask for a set of keys for the lockbox.

Complete the disclosure forms on a listing.

Review disclosures on a home together.

I call it the Information Exchange.

For every piece of information (value) I provide, I get to ask them to take the next step or ask one personal question to understand their situation better.

People are compelled and obligated to give back to those that gave first.

Warning: Don’t make your information you are about to acquire contingent upon them doing something. That takes the power away from reciprocity. It no longer is in good faith.

Example. I will get that information and if you like the information will you want to make an offer.

That sounds pushy.

Just know that you will be asking for the next step when you do deliver the information.

Don’t just email the information. You have to deliver it and interpret it. If you email make sure to call and discuss it.

Rule: After answering a question always ask a question.

Personal questions…

Where do you live?

Do you own?

How much do you have saved up and available towards a down payment?

Would you like help with financing options that can save you money?

Are you buying alone or with someone else?

If you were to sell, where would you go next?
What do you do for a living?

Do you have any monthly debt that would limit your loan amount you want to spend?

Are you planning or are there any known life changes like having kids, getting pets, kids moving out, retiring, moving?

Principle: People want to work with agents that they connect with. The agent that can go not just wide but, deep will win the client.

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