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How to increase your rental rates, quickly and easily.

Over the past decades, we have been able to attract and retain tenants that happily pay top rental rates.  

Here are our top ways to increase rental rates.

1. Improve the curb appeal.  
2. Marketing – Price is a function of supply and demand.  Demand is generated by marketing.  For some reason, the property management world doesn’t spend time or money on quality advertising.  We excel in this area with photos and videos.  
3. Great lighting and smells good.  This is cleanliness and LED lights. 
4. Sell the unit.  You need to have sales experience.  The best tenants could buy a home.  So, you need to be able to sell your place as more convenient and better than buying not to mention other newer options.
5. Screen for the best tenants.  One bad tenant can take all the profit away.  A quality tenant could be constant profit for years.   Peter Drucker the godfather of business books, “Hire Slow, Fire Fast”

There are 8 more tactics and strategies to achieve higher rents and more profit on your rentals.  If you want access to the next 8, send me an email asking for the “NEXT 8”

Nick McLean
M Property Management

PS. If you have a rental and want a free interior inspection our management team will go take a look.  We will make recommendations on the condition and state of your units.  

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