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How To Invest In Real Estate That Creates Wealth Not Income

How To Invest In Real Estate That Creates Wealth Not Income

After personally investing 10s of millions into real estate I’ve learned the single most important thing is to buy right.

Sounds simple but, there is more to buying right then price. Most new investors think it is all about negotiating the lowest price. They get caught up in what the seller will accept.

This is a bad habit. My finest real estate assets I’ve paid full price.
The fundamental is not overpaying for an asset.

Instead of thinking about what the seller will take. Think about finding real estate that is undervalued. In other words, find real estate that is priced much lower than it’s intrinsic (true) value.

The two primary ways to improve the value of your real estate investment.

…Improve the property


…Change the property’s use

There is always real estate priced lower than it’s highest and best use.

Here is a simple example.

A homeowner lists their duplex on the market for $300,000 based on its rental income of ($800 per unit) $1600 a month. That is a decent investment but, not one that you are excited about. So, you offer the seller $240,000 because that is what you think it is worth based on the income.

What if I told you that the market rent is $2400 a month?

Then the $300,000 is a wise investment.  In fact, $340,000 is a good price at that income level.

Now, what if I told you that this duplex is on a .3 acre lot and the duplex is a side by side unit. The zoning allows for zero lot lines.

Meaning the units can be split apart with the City and sold as Townhomes. The current market is selling townhomes of this size for $260,000 per unit ($520,000 total value).

Does $300,000 look like a good investment now?

There are over 115 different ways to enter and exit real estate investments that build wealth.

It would be impossible to spell them all out on this email.

Warning…don’t get excited about real estate investing if you want to make money.

Real estate investing is about building generational wealth for you and your family.


Nick McLean
Nick McLean Real Estate

PS.  To invest in real estate you need leads.  Meaning you need opportunities to look at.  The best way to do that is to have a real estate broker find them for you to analyze.  If you want to invest and build wealth reply to this email and I will get you with one of my real estate investing consultant brokers.

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