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How To Market Yourself Without Looking Fake And Annoying.

If you look on Facebook right now, I guarantee you’re going to see real estate agents posting photos of them and their clients at the closing table, celebrating their success. But what it says to the consumer is something completely different. What the consumer is seeing is, “Oh man, another sale. You made another commission. Good for you.” Have you ever seen those pictures? At the closing table, the agent looks amazing and their clients don’t look amazing.

Come on, people, you have to understand something…You’re not the hero of the story. Your client is the hero. You’re the guide. Once you understand that, you’re going to be able to market yourself way better.

Do you think people are going to use you because of your results? No, they’re going to pick you because of what you do to get the results. There’s a big difference.

If you watch Home and Garden Network or you watch Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing, they rarely show the closing table. When was the last time they showed people holding the keys to their new house or signing on the dotted line? They rarely show that part of the process.

What do they show? They show the journey.
Think about the TV shows. What’s the juiciest, most exciting part? The negotiation table, the conversations, the challenges.
When was the last time you made a post about some challenges that you faced when it came to buying a home? Or told a story about a failed home inspection and how you came up with a solution that worked out for everyone? Documenting those kinds of struggles and hardships will be way more entertaining than, “Look at me. I got another closing. Number 10 of the year.”

Show your success throughout the journey.
What does it look like when you show the property?
How do you prepare for the property?
What’s life like as a real estate agent?
How are you writing an offer?
What happened after an offer was not accepted?

Take them along for the ride. These are the things I want you to market. Don’t market the closing table. It’s boring. It’s cheesy. Every agent does it and nobody wants it.

I’m going to tell you a quick story. Our company posts on Facebook when we list a home, when it goes under contract, and when it’s sold. Well, I got a comment the other day, and it said, “We don’t care about the homes you sold.” You know what? It opened my eyes because it’s true. The sellers of the home that we sold care and the neighbors care that it sold because they want to know what their home’s worth, but everyone else doesn’t care.

You’re in real estate. It’s very exciting. It’s very entertaining. There is always some sort of drama. Now, just document how you overcome those challenges. Put that on Facebook. Put that on Instagram. Shoot a video on that, and watch your personal marketing and branding reach new levels.

Don’t tell them. Demonstrate it.
The best part is that you won’t have to tell people you’re a real estate agent. How many people see this on Facebook, “Hey, I’m in real estate. If you know anyone looking to buy or sell in the next 30 days, let me know.” Guess what? You’re just pushing people away. Instead, post what you’re doing, all the real estate-related activities, You don’t need to tell them to call you if you or anyone is looking to buy or sell. You’re showing them, demonstrating how you overcome obstacles as a real estate professional.

That’s success-based marketing. Document every step of the way, and share it because it’s pure entertainment, and it’s only going to take your business to the next level.

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